As little as $10 can make a huge difference in the life of a Zimbabwean pensioner
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If you are interested in attending please contact us at:


We are into the final weeks of the raffle and can confirm that sales so far have raised over $45000.

We still have tickets to sell and ask the following:

  • If you haven’t bought tickets yet and would like to, please contact us
  • Please share this with as many friends as possible and ask them to buy tickets. Full details of the raffle and prizes can be viewed below

We have received a couple of deposits with either no names or email addresses so if you haven’t received your tickets please contact us.

 Thanks everyone for your support!

Photo: We are excited to announce the launch of The Zimbabwe Aid fund Raffle held to raise funds for the Pensioners in Zimbabwe. Please click on this link to view the details of our 8 fantastic prizes. Email to book your ticket now!

Please click here to view the details of our 8 fantastic prizes.

MAY 2014


The Toowoomba Charity Cricket Day was held on the 3rd May. It was a great day and over $4 600 was raised for the Zimbabwe Pensioners. A big thank-you to Simon Lamont, his helpers and all the companies and people who supported the day. Ipe-Lo-Ball was the winning team! Photos are in the Photo Gallery!

APRIL 2014


At Darling Heights State School

Cnr Wuth & Platz Street, Toowoomba

On Saturday 3rd May 2014


Cricket will commence at 8.30 am and be played throughout the day

There will be all day catering followed by a Presentation, Auction, Frog Derby

Supper & Dance. Entrance: $40 per person

Please bring deckchairs & check the weather

For further information contact:

Simon Lamont: 0421733293 Email:

MARCH 2014


A big thank-you to the Mackay community for the funds raised through the Lunch that was held on Sunday 

30th March at the Mackay Surf Club. Over $5 450 was raised.  Thanks very much to both Steve Nutt and 

Joy Brunette and their helpers, a really great effort.


We do not support any homes.  All the homes receive a monthly rental from their residents, and should therefore, be self-supporting.  The homes have kitchens and feed their people.

Coronation Cottages is a complex of cottages for married couples and flatlets for single people each having their own cooking facilities, and we do support many individuals at this complex.  All other recipients reside in their own homes, in cottages or in the servant’s quarters in and around Bulawayo.  We would not like the donors to think that those residing in their own homes should be in a position to support themselves, as they have been living in their houses for many years they do not owe anything towards the bond, and live ‘rent free’, but these houses are mostly derelict with cardboard for some window panes, leaking roofs and broken strip flooring.  Two of our homes in the suburbs house three families each, and to cover their water and light they rent rooms out.  We also deliver some parcels to Garden Park which has a boarding house where residents are fed and there are also houses and flatlets on those premises, and these residents are responsible for themselves.  We have four delivery areas in and around Bulawayo, two are done on the second Wednesday of the month and the other two take place the following Saturday.  No one that helps us gets paid for their time or fuel, and all donations are used in full, to buy groceries for the aged.

We are still supporting around 130 pensioners, but as I said previously recently there has been an influx of referrals and all of these will be visited and I am sure we will add some to the lists.  I am very weary of adding people at this time as we who see our oldies every month know just how much these people rely on the parcels, and contemplating the fact that the day may come when we cannot support all these people is a very chilling factor.

I also forgot to mention that we support the Moths complex in Esigodini, Kinghaven.  A lady working for the Falcon School town office delivers these parcels on our behalf.

We are still sourcing our groceries in Zimbabwe.  We have a very nice arrangement with Fortwell Wholesalers.  We deposit lump sums with them, and then work off our credit balance monthly.  All I have to do is phone through my order and they will deliver to us for packing.  Because we have this good relationship they donate many items to us.  These items are near to expiry date, or just expired.  They may not always be essential items, but it is very nice for our old people to get these luxuries.  Fortwell donated crates and crates of Coke Zero (I am sure you noticed in the photos – hope you didn’t think we spend our precious donations on such items!!!!) and the parcels have contained cokes for a couple of months now.  We were also given beautiful imported bath towels and after giving each oldie on our list two towels each, we were able to pass on a few to the pensioners at Bartley Block.

We still have a little money in SA and we would like to spend that on items which we cannot get here.  These are things like instant custard (it is available here, but too costly), we give 25g sachets of margarine, which we can’t buy here.  These need not be kept refrigerated and are ideal for the parcels.  When this money is finished I will have a meeting with Fortwell and see if these items can be brought in – I am sure that others will buy them too.  I am not sure yet how these items will get here.  Food for Homes in UK used to arrange all of this for us, but they no longer supply food and we would therefore, have to source and arrange transportation for our goods.  This could be quite expensive.  I may look into buying the goods through the Zim Pensioner Fund in South Africa and see if they could bring them through.  It is all in the air at the moment, I don’t know if this would cause him a lot of extra work or not, but of course, I wouldn’t want to pay too much to him for doing it for us!!!!!  We will see.  Mostly all of the goods are supplied as per our order, on the odd occasion we have not been able to supply tinned spaghetti or some item like this, but as I said for the most part, they get all the items they should.

We have material bags made for our double parcels as the plastic taxi bag is not strong enough to hold the contents.  We approached someone to make these bags for us, and found that the double parcels weighs 25kgs (not including the veg), so their parcels are quite large.  The vegetables cost us $600.00 per month and we supply potatoes, onions, butternut squash, cabbage and oranges.  We do not supply any soft veg as we have found that these just get ruined in delivery and are a waste of money.  One little old lady told me with great embarrassment that she was so excited to get her veg pack again, and she cooked the butternut and ate the WHOLE thing for dinner.

Anything else, please let me know and remember that we are just so grateful and indebted to you all for all the hard work you put into the endeavour to make pensioners lives that little more comfortable.  Ours is little compared with what you do.

Have a good day







For as little as the cost of two cups of Coffee PER MONTH you can help us raise funds to save the forgotten victims of the post-Independence era, whose savings and assets were wiped out by the Zim dollar hyper-inflationary period.  Zimbabwe’s Old Age Pensioners rely solely on donated funds and cannot access any Government assistance. All helpers are volunteers and 100% of all funds raised go to the Pensioners. Your donation will contribute to a monthly SURVIVAL pack of foodstuffs without which most would not survive. Please go to the newsletter and see how desperate the situation has become and what is included in the pack of goodies, which is very basic. You will see how the pensioners look forward to their delivery days in anticipation of what might be included.


We really do need YOUR HELP. Please send this appeal to all on your contacts and together we can make a difference to the lives of people who are literally destitute through no fault of their own.


Donations can be made in the form of a monthly direct debit for as little as A$10 or simply by a cash donation to our Australian Bank Account at:


Westpac Bank - Zimbabwe Aid Fund

BSB: 034243 A/C 219483

Ref: (Your Surname)


All enquiries may be addressed to Tony Skinner: or Shelley Mino:

 Kind Regards

Tony Skinner

(On behalf of the Committee of the Zimbabwe Aid Fund)

XMAS 2013
We would like to wish you all a Happy Xmas and a prosperous 2014. Thank you all for your very generous support, especially this past year. Your donations make a huge difference to the pensioners in Zimbabwe (see Collie’s letter from Harare below). Should you wish to make a small donation to assist SOAP this festive season our details are on the website under “Make A Donation".
Warm Regards
Mike Mino, Maren Barnard, Shelley Mino, Mike Huggett, Bill Picken, and Steve Barnard
The Committee of the Zimbabwe Aid Fund


Latest Update from SOAP Harare

I write on behalf of SOAP and it’s beneficiaries to thank you most sincerely for the very kind donation we have recently received from the Zimbabwe Aid Fund. The money we received last month will be used to ‘shore’ up the Christmas parcels and hopefully bring some festive cheer to those who are often forgotten.

The Zimbabwe Aid Funds very generous assistance over the years has made a tremendous difference to the livelihoods of so many elderly people who need our help. They are so very grateful.  We would not have been able to continue distributing parcels without it, and we are honored to have been given the responsibility of passing on your generosity.

I thank you all for your care and compassion; I have recently been very shocked by the deterioration of circumstances of a number of our recipients.  When we started ten years ago, our parcels were a way of helping in some small way and for our volunteers to visit and spend time with old folk who often have no family or friends taking care of them.  The visits now made, personally, each month to every recipient, have become a life-line; some just would not survive without the food they receive and they certainly have no other means of support.  I find this terribly sad, particularly after having been through so much over the last few years; I thought the Zimdollar inflation debacle was the worst times we would see, but sadly this is not the case.  The elderly have been, to a large degree, ‘forgotten’ and their health and economic situation continues to deteriorate as they age, with there being no hope or likelihood of social welfare or pension support likely to come into existence any time soon. With your assistance we are able to help in some small way. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Colleen deJong

S.O.A.P. Supporting Old Age Pensioners


On behalf of the Zimbabwe Aid Fund Committee, thanks everyone for your support at the Annual Golf Day at Boomerange Golf Club in September. We again had a full field with 88 players and 150 for lunch. Over $21 000 was raised which was fantastic in the current environment. Thanks to everyone for all your help, donations and support, all very much appreciated. Special thanks to James King and his staff at Boomerang for all that they did to make it another great day!
The latest financial statements to 30 June 2013 have been posted on the website. Once again a big thank-you to Ant Wetmore our Auditor.
ZAF continues to support both SOAP's in Harare and Bulawayo. Recent updates received from them have been posted on the website.
Our sincere thanks to you all and we wish you a wonderful Xmas!

On the 22nd September 2013 we are holding the Annual Fundraising day for the


                         ZIMBABWE AID FUND.


This will take the form of a Golf Day and Lunch at BOOMERANG GOLF CLUB
Springbok Road, Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast. 
For those not playing golf and who would like to enjoy a Sunday in a beautiful
environment, tea and coffee will be served all day.  There will be a bar, music,
an exhibition of local and Zimbabwe painting which will be available to purchase
on silent auction as well as raffles, and various putting and other competitions.
Please advise whether you would like to play golf or attend the lunch.  Cost of Lunch $30
per person, children under twelve 50%.  Cost of Golf and lunch $60 per person
All funds raised go to SOAP in Zimbabwe - Support Old Age Pensioners


If you cannot attend but would like to make a donation the bank details are;


                                 ZIMBABWE AID FUND

                                WESTPAC BANK

                                BSB:     034243

                                A/C:    219483

                                REF:    SURNAME


We are very pleased to advise you that through your generosity we managed to send $44000

to  SOAP in BULAWAYO AND HARARE in the 2013 Financial Year.  Once the Financial Statements
have been audited we will post them on the website.
Many thanks
For bookings please contact:
                Mike Mino - 0419195255
                Mike Huggett - 0402757951
                Shelley Mino - 041919527
MAY 2013
Herewith the latest updates on the situation of the pensioners in Zimbabwe received from both SOAP in Harare and Bulawayo. The Zimbabwe Aid Fund continues to support both these organisations. 
We would once again like to thank all donors for their generous contributions.  Your support is very much appreciated especially by all those on the ground in Zimbabwe.
We plan on organising the annual golf day fundraiser at Boomerang Golf Club on Sunday the 22nd September 2013.  Please diarise the date and we will be in touch nearer the time.
Our best wishes to you all
From The Zimbabwe Aid Fund Committee


On behalf of the Zimbabwe Aid Fund Committee we would like to thank you all once again for your wonderful support this last year.  A big thank you to our monthly donators for their contributions that we receive every month.  At present we are receiving around $1500 a month from you all.  Thank You!  To our one-off and anonymous donators thank you, your generosity continues to amaze us!
ZAF continues to support both SOAP's in Harare and Bulawayo who between them supply food parcels to 600 pensioners living around Zimbabwe.  Recent updates from both organisations are on the website.  Funding is very short and any assistance that we can give them is much appreciated.
Our family fun golf day was held at the end of October at the Boomerang Golf Club.  We had a full field of 84 golfers with over 150 for lunch. Over $20 000 was raised which far exceeded expectation.  A big thank-you to all of you for supporting it and for your contributions and especially to those of you who helped to make it a fun day.  Special thanks to James King and his staff at Boomerang for their hard work and letting us use their lovely venue.  It was great to have so many of the 'younger' generation there, thanks guys for supporting the day!
The latest financial statements to 30 June 2012 have been posted on the website.  A sincere thank- you to Ant Wetmore for once again doing the audit.
Our best wishes to you all and have a wonderful Xmas!

MARCH 2012

Updates on the situation of the pensioners in Zimbabwe have been received from both SOAP in Harare and Bulawayo.  We attach these updates as newsletters.

The Zimbabwe Aid Fund continues to support both SOAP's in Harare and Bulawayo who between them supply food parcels to 600 pensioners living around Zimbabwe.  SOAP in Harare supplies to 450 pensioners at a cost of US$13 000 per month and SOAP Bulawayo supplies to the remaining 150. 
As a result of the floods in Queensland fundraising was kept to a low key during 2011.  A total of $34 000 was sent to the two SOAPS during the year.  Our monthly and one-off donators have been amazing and we would like to thank you all very much for your continued support.
We plan on organising a fundraiser later in 2012 and will be in touch once finalised.
Our best wishes to you all

From The Zimbabwe Aid Fund CommitteeOn behalf of the Zimbabwe Aid Fund Committee

AUGUST 2011....
On closing the ZAF books for the financial year ended June 2011 the Zimbabwe Aid Fund (ZAF) distributed over $70 000 to the pensioners in Zimbabwe.  $46 000 of this was raised from the raffle held in Aug/Sep 2010 and the remainder was from donations received from our very generous monthly and one-off donors.  The financial accounts are at present being audited by Anthony Wetmore & Company and will be posted on the website once completed.  A big thank-you to Ant for once again donating this service.
The money raised in 2010/2011 was distributed as follows: 
                              Sep 2010                      SOAP Bulawayo                    $20 000
                              Sep 2010                      SOAP Harare                        $22 000
                              Sep 2010                      Mobile Medical Clinic             $10 000
                              Dec 2010                      Senior Citizens Services        $6 000
                              Apr 2011                       SOAP Harare                        $6 000
                              May 2011                      SOAP Bulawayo                    $6 000
Due to medicines now being available this next year we will concentrate on supporting SOAP in Harare and Bulawayo.
A very big thank-you to everyone who donated prizes for the raffle and for all the assistance received in selling the 1000 tickets.  A special thanks to Dave Glynn from Africa Albida Tourism for the very generous donation of the 1st Prize.
Our monthly donators who contribute to the Support a Pensioner Scheme make a huge difference to our fundraising, through them $15 000 was raised in 2010/2011.  Thank-you all very much, emails of thanks, including your receipts have been sent out to each of you, please let us know if they have not been received.  Anyone wishing to join the scheme can find the details on the home page.
At the end of August 2011 we held a fun golf day at the Boomerang Golf Club at Mudgeeraba.  Despite a downpour of rain on arrival everyone finished the 9 hole Ambrose competition.  The club is owned by ex Zimbabweans James and Rob King and was a perfect setting for the get-together.  Families joined the golfers for lunch.  130 people had a great day catching up with friends, listening to wonderful music played by Sarah Booker while eating their lunch in a great setting.  A big thank-you to everyone that helped and donated items for the silent auction, live auction and raffle, and a special thanks to James King and his team for all they did to make it such a fun day.  Over $10 000 was raised which far exceeded expectation!  There are some great photos.... click here
We would like to thank you all very much for all the support that you have given
Our Best wishes
The Zimbabwe Aid Fund Committee

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